Hard Advice

Great advice. I really liked the part about finding your reader. Thank you Eva

Choosing Ebenezer

Just about anyone who has ever wanted to write has sought advice from an expert of one sort or another.  I certainly have.  I have been chasing this particular dragon since I was a kid, beginning the year I turned fourteen and tried to write a novel on an old Underwood manual my mother had cast off.  I managed a book just under twenty pages that was set in New York and involved a young woman choosing various outfits.  (This ill-advised attempt was never finished.) I began in earnest to pursue writing twenty-eight years ago.  By “in earnest” I mean I said it out loud.  I started taking classes.  I’ve studied with some really great writers, and I’ve read their work, and I’ve listened to their lectures, and I’ve gotten the standard advice.  I’ve gotten advice about scheduling protected writing times, advice about where to send material, advice about how…

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