The Big Question

Choosing Ebenezer

So…I started teaching professionally (officially) in 1985.  I was interviewed by Hector Madrid, the principal of Deming High at the time, and his assistant principal and activities director.  They were all three at a convention in Albuquerque, and I drove up there from Socorro for the interview.  I have not been as nervous since.

They offered me a teaching job in English, then two weeks before the school year started they called me up and said they were moving me to Math.  I remember the night before my first day.  I lay in bed thinking, “I can’t teach Math.  I don’t know enough Math to teach Math.”  The next day I gave my first lesson, and I was immediately reassured.  I didn’t know much, but those kids…they knew N-O-T-H-I-N-G!  I couldn’t help but teach them.  They seemed to be WITHOUT any knowledge.  It was great, teaching Math that first year. …

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