Happy Bastille Day

I’ve been privileged to eat some of Eva’s delicious baking. Thanks for the post.

Choosing Ebenezer

Today is my youngest brother’s birthday.  I wish I could be with him this day, but as I am a big stick-in-the-mud and he is the-life-of-nearly-every-party (excepting, of course, my other brothers in their turns), it is probably just as well that I am not with him. However, in honor of his special day, I have made a blueberry pie.

Blue berry pie

Now, let me make this clear.  This is a fine blueberry pie.  The crust is crisp, light, flaky, a delicate dream.  The filling is fragrant, sweet, and complicated, a little like eating something that tastes the way a cross between a rose and a carnation ought to taste if flowers tasted like they smelled–that kind of pretty.  Slice it while it is too hot to eat, while the filling is still bubbly, and spoon on vanilla ice-cream.  This borders on the erotic.

blueberry pie with ice cream

I can make a pie like this now…

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