On Don Quixote, Hermione Granger, and C. S. Lewis’s “Four Loves”

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

434766_don_quixote_de_la_mancha_1The topic of today’s post is the four loves, but friendship in particular, and how we as authors can write appealing and realistic friendships.

C.S. Lewis has a fabulous book called “The Four Loves.” It approaches human interactions from a Christian standpoint, but even if you aren’t Christian, I recommend it as character study for fellow authors. Lewis’s insights are deep and touch every kind of human relationship—the kind of relationships we write about.

Lewis defines the four loves as Affection (most classically a family bond, a bond that forms due to proximity and regular contact), Friendship (the most spiritual of the loves, as it lacks the physical bond of mother-child or the sexual bond of romantic love), Eros (romantic love), and Charity (Christian love).

What I found most enlightening as an author is the way Lewis demonstrates not only how each kind of love ideally functions in human life…

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